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catatonic, katatonic (adjective); more catatonic, more katatonic; most catatonic, most katatonic
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catatonic rigidity (s) (noun), catatonic rigidities (pl)
Associated with psychotic conditions in which all muscles exhibit "flexibilitas cerea" or "cerea flexibilitas", a rigidity of the body in which the patient maintains whatever position he or she is placed in, the limbs having a heavy waxy malleability, which is the rigidity of catalepsy that may be overcome by slight external force, but which returns at once, holding the limb firmly in the new position: Catatonic rigidity is a condition of diminished responsiveness usually characterized by a trancelike state with constantly maintained immobility, often with flexibilitas cerea or a waxy rigidity of muscles.

A patient with catatonic rigidity may remain in one position for minutes, days, or even longer.