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cashier (s) (noun), cashiers (pl)
1. Someone who is in charge of handling money in any business: Maggie worked as a cashier in the local grocery store.

When Leo goes into a bank, he goes to one of the windows where a cashier is waiting to take care of his monetary transactions.

2. Etymology: not derived from cash, but from Dutch kassier and from French caissier, which came from caisse, "cashbox"; from Latin capsa, "chest, box, repository"; from Latin capere, "to catch, to seize, to hold".
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cashier (ka SHIR) (verb), cashiers; cashiered; cashiering
1. To dismiss or to remove someone from a position of responsibility; usually, for doing something wrong: Bert's neighbor was cashiered from the army for disobeying orders.

When a person is cashiered, he or she is laid off, fired, or discharged from a job or profession in disgrace or for doing something unacceptable at his place of employment.

The verb cashier has nothing to do with the noun "cashier"; however, it doesn't mean that a "cashier" can't be cashiered.

2. Etymology: from Latin cassare, "to annul"; from cassus, "void, empty".
To fire or to discard someone with disgrace.
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To dismiss or to discharge a person with dishonor.
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To reject, discharge, or to fire someone from an occupation; usually, for doing something that is unacceptable. (2)