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captivate (verb), captivates; captivated; captivating
1. To gain and to hold the attention of others by being extremely interesting, exciting, fascinating, or attractive: The textbook about biology has been captivating students in the teacher's class for years.

The singer captivated the audience with her beauty and wonderful songs.

The actress captivates the audience with her looks, voice, and dramatic flair.

2. Etymology: from Latin captivus, "caught, taken prisoner"; from captus, capere, "to take, to hold, to seize".
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captivating (adjective), more captivating, most captivating
Concerning something which or someone who is fascinating, alluring, or interesting: The film shown on TV was so captivating and delightful for the children so they didn’t hear their mother call them to dinner!
A reference to being charming and having the power to attract attention.
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This entry is located in the following unit: cap-, cip-, capt-, cept-, ceive, -ceipt, -ceit, -cipient (page 3)