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capitulation (s) (noun), capitulations (pl)
1. The act of surrendering or giving up resistance to an enemy based on specified terms or conditions: "The military unit's capitulation to the attackers was based on an agreement that the troops would give up their weapons and leave the area and not come back."
2. The which is no longer being resisted or opposed: "The mayor's capitulations to the demands of the city council resulted in some improvements that people had asked for many times before."
3. An outline or summary in document form: "The contractor presented written capitulations as to what he would do for the apartment owner."
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non-capitulation, non capitulation, noncapitulation (s) (noun); non-capitulations, non capitulations, noncapitulations (pl)
1. The refusal to end resistance or to give up or to comply with demands.
2. Not surrendering nor giving up.
3. Refusing to enumerate the main parts of a subject or not providing a summary.
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