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call, caul
call (KAL) (verb)
1. To speak loudly; to shout: The mother went to the door to call her children to come in for dinner.
2. To give a name to someone or something: After the birth of their daughter, her parents agreed to call her Katherine after her grandmother.
caul (KAL) (noun)
A membrane covering the head of a child at birth: There are many superstitions about the caul of a child when it is born.

One of the stories about when Claudia was born was that the doctor had to call to the nurse to be sure that the caul on her head was removed.

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(Latin: talk, speak, say; to put into quick motion, to excite, to provoke, to call urgently; to summon, to summon forth, to arouse, to stimulate; used in the sense of "stimulating")
(Latin: talk, call out, speak, say, shout; make noise, be loud)
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autocall, automatic call origination
1. The automatic dialing of a telephone number by a computer or an automatic calling unit.
2. The automatic placing of a telephone call by a computer or a computer-controlled modem.
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close call (s) (noun), close calls (pl)
An escape from harm which was almost not successful: "They almost didn't get out of the burning building in time and they realized that it was a very close call."
conference call (s) (adjective), conference calls (pl)
A telephone communication in which someone talks to several people at the same time: When Jill's father was in the hospital, the nurses arranged a conference call for him and his three daughters who lived far away.
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