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calamitous (kuh LAHM i tuhs) (adjective), more calamitous, most calamitous
1. A reference to being very miserable as a result of some deep agony or by being very unhappy because of a serious misfortune: The Johnson family was existing in a calamitous situation after the earthquake destroyed their home.

The storm was the most calamitous one that Mary and Sam had ever experienced.

2. Related to distress and depression which is deplorable: The bad economy resulted in a calamitous event when the family lost their house because they couldn't make their payments.
3. Descriptive of a terrible disaster: The drought caused a calamitous loss of crops throughout the region.
4. Characteristic of great suffering from a misfortune or affliction: Sarah's severe illness created a calamitous life for her, her children and her husband.
Descriptive of affliction, distress, or disaster.
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Related to distress and misery; that which is deplorable or very miserable. (1)