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Cain, cane, cane
Cain (KAYN) (noun)
1. The brother of Abel (in the Bible); a murderer: The Bible stated that Cain was jealous of his brother Abel and therefore killed him.
2. Colloquialism, "raising cain" or causing a violent disturbance: During recess, the students raised cain on the playground and the principal had to intervene.
cane (KAYN) (noun)
1. A walking stick that often has a curved handle and is used to help someone to walk: Many years ago it was not unusual to see a gentleman carrying a cane when he was walking in the park.
2. A bamboo-like stem: Blake went out to harvest sugar cane.
cane (KAYN) (verb)
To hit someone with a stick as a form of punishment: In the past, some teachers would cane students who misbehaved.

In the past, a schoolmaster carried a cane which he used to cane unruly students who were raising cain in class.