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1. A structure for confining birds or animals, enclosed on at least one side by a grating of wires or bars that lets in air and light.
2. A barred room or fenced enclosure for confining prisoners.
3. An enclosing openwork structure which is placed as a protective cage over a sapling, or a bank teller's cage.
4. A skeletal support, as for a building; a framework.
5. An elevator car.
6. The net that is the goal in ice hockey.
7. Something that restricts freedom; such as, a cage which restricts movement.
8. A movable screen placed behind home base in baseball to catch balls during batting practice.
9. Etymology: From about 1225, from Old French cage; which came from Latin cavea, "hollow place, enclosure for animals, coop, hive, stall, dungeon".
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Captured Animals' Guarded Enclosure.
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