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cacophony (s) (noun), cacophonies (pl)
1. The quality of having bad sounds; the use of terrible-sounding words or phrases: The cacophony of noise from the street rose up and through the open windows in the tall office building.
2. The use of unpleasantly loud sounds in language; for example, for literary effects: The author of the new novel Marie is reading used many cacophonies in the text, capturing the realistic sounds of the birds in the jungle.
3. A discordant combination of dissonance: When Denise went to the students' concert, she was startled by the cacophony of the unharmonious presentations by the school's musicians.
A discordant and harsh sound.
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A combination of discordant and harsh sounds, dissonance; an unpleasant combination of loud, often jarring, sounds. (1)