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cacophemism (s) (noun), cacophemisms (pl)
The substitution of an offensive term for one considered to be acceptable: When he was being particularly obnoxious, the stand up comic used frequent cacophemisms in his routine, insulting many who were in the audience.
cacophemism, dysphemism, euphemism
cacophemism (kuh KAH fuh mizm") (noun)
Relating to harsh discordant sounds, words, or phrases: During the radio programs by the talk-show hosts, the reporter noted that they overused one cacophemism after the other, as they used many rough and harsh expressions.
dysphemism (dis FEM izm) (noun)
1. The deliberate substitution of an offensive expression for a neutral one: Wade's speech included a dysphemism followed by others as he uttered "killed" and "died" or "dead" when referring to his wife's mother.
2. Disordered phonation (producing vocal sounds), articulation, or hearing resulting from emotional or mental deficits: Seth's stuttering was an example of dysphemism.
euphemism (YOO fuh miz" uhm) (noun)
Use of a mild, neutral, evasive, or vague term in place of one considered taboo, offensive, blunt, or unpleasant: When Stuart referred to his vocation or job, he described himself with the euphemism "sanitation worker" instead of using the term "garbage collector".

Her friend, John, was prone to using a euphemism from time to time; such as, describing himself as a musician when in fact he just hummed when he was working; however, when he was writing, he would frequently use a dysphemism; such as, "&!#@**%" (translation: "damn") instead of saying the individual was upset.

He rationalized his decisions by citing the use of cacophemism as a legitimate writer’s tool.