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cabal (kuh BAL) (noun)
A secret group, or a plot, that is devoted to intrigue and to the overthrow of a political system: The cabal consisted of men and women who were committed to achieving a new government, by force if necessary.
cable (KAY buhl) (noun)
A rope, wire, or chain of considerable circumference and strength which may be used to hold or to fasten objects together or, as in telecommunications, to carry electric or message impulses: The workmen installed the new cable for the telephone system.

When the workers were installing the new cable system in the basement, they came across a secret room where it appeared that a cabal of social advocates met.

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cabal (kuh BAHL, kuh BAL) (s) (noun), cabals (pl)
1. A secret organization or gathering of individuals typically dedicated to changing a government, often by violence: The government was toppled by a cabal of dissident and conspiratorial generals.
2. Intrigues, conspiracies, or plots engaged in by groups or individuals with the goal of getting a new government: The Russian emigres were constantly engaged in anti-soviet cabals.
3. Etymology: from the word cabbala or kabbala, referring to a Jewish tradition of interpreting texts.

Cabbala is often regarded as "a secret and mystical practice"; therefore, the word took on the additional meaning of "secret behavior".

A secret group of people who work together to achieve revolutionary objectives.
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