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bi-, buy, by, bye, bye, bye, bye-bye, bye-bye
bi- (BIGH) (adjective)
A prefix meaning "two": Humans are considered to be bipeds; that is, having two feet.

The festival was scheduled to be a biannual affair.

buy (BIGH) (verb)
To acquire the ownership of something, for money or other equivalent; to purchase: Trudy and Chris went to the bank for a loan so they could buy a house.
by (BIGH) (preposition)
Next to; near; beside: Please, put the chair by the table.
bye (BIGH) (interjection)
An informal way of saying "goodbye" or an expression of farewell: Jack said, "Bye! I'll see you tomorrow."

Standing next to the car, the children waved bye to the visitors.

bye (BIGH) (adjective)
A secondary matter, a side issue: Grace made a bye remark that changed Jim's opinions completely regarding buying a new house.
bye (BIGH) (noun)
The position of someone who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round: She got a bye into the second round of the tennis tournament.
bye-bye (BIGH-BIGH) (interjection)
A farewell often used by children or when speaking to children: Mother said, "Let's go, Trudy. Say goodbye to grandma and grandpa." Trudy responded by saying, "bye-bye"!
bye-bye (BIGH-BIGH) (adverb)
In the United States, a very informal meaning, to go away, which is used in imitation of children's speech: When the company went bankrupt, investors watched their money go bye-bye.

Vincent went into town to buy a bicycle. He didn't realize it was the bicentennial celebration in town; so, he stood by the monument to watch. Then he saw Stanley, a friend. They chatted and then they waved bye to each other as Stanley was carrying his little son, who smiled and waved bye-bye to Vincent.