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bus, bus, buss, buss
bus (BUS) (noun)
1. A long motor vehicle for carrying passengers, which usually travels along a fixed route: The couple decided to go by bus to the next city so they could visit her parents.
2. A four-wheeled cart for carrying dishes in a restaurant: The first job Janet had after high school was to push the bus from table to table, clearing off the dirty dishes.
bus (BUS) (verb)
To travel in a long motor vehicle: They agreed to bus it to the big city to go to the movies.
buss (BUS) (noun)
A kiss: In their hurried separation, Perry gave Lynda a quick buss on the cheek to say goodbye.
buss (BUS) (verb)
To kiss, often in a casual and friendly manner: Kirk tried to buss Cathy's cheek before she turned and ran into the building.

When Jerry and Erica got off the bus, the two new friends said goodbye with a buss on each other’s cheeks; however, when they went into the cafe, they accidentally bumped into the bus which the waiter was using.