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berry, bury
berry (BER ee) (noun)
A small succulent fruit containing few, or many, seeds: such as tomato, grape, gooseberry, strawberry, raspberry, etc.: Berry jam may be made of a single fruit; for example, blueberry jam, or a mixture of fruits.
bury (BER ee) (verb)
1. To cover over and to conceal: When playing on the beach, the children tried to bury their father in the sand.
2. To place in a tomb, grave, etc.: The funeral procession walked slowly to the cemetery to bury the popular mayor of the city.
3. To hide something in the ground: Jonathan could see the dog in the backyard trying to bury a bone.
4. To hide something so it cannot be seen or is difficult to see: Janine has learned to bury her feelings.

The newspaper covered the story, but they tried to bury it in the back of section C.

Rosetta is fond of berry preserves; however, she has learned to bury her enthusiasm for them because her kid sister will try to eat all of the berry preserves if she has the chance.

Rosetta has also tried to bury the jar of berry preserves in the back of the cupboard, but her sister always finds it.

(mistakes are what lawyers get paid for and what doctors bury)
(Latin: to bury; a grave, a tomb)