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burst, burst, bust, bust
burst (BURST) (verb)
1. To break apart suddenly as if like an explosion: The dam burst from the pressure of the water which accumulated after the torrential rains.
2. To experience an unexpected and strong emotion: Jim's heart burst with love for the lovely girl whose name he did not know.
burst (BURST) (noun)
A short period of producing or doing something that begins suddenly: Samuel ran hard in a short burst of speed at the end of the race.
bust (BUST) (noun)
A sculpture depicting the upper portion of the body: The marble bust of Harriet Smith, founder of the Art Gallery, stood in the foyer of the gallery.
bust (BUST) (noun)
A slang term for a complete failure, a flop: Although critically acclaimed, the play has been a bust.

When the robber and the thief burst into the room through the window, they bumped the bust that belonged to the senator which fell to the floor with a thump and it bust into a hundred pieces.

When she saw this, the senator was so upset, she burst into tears and exclaimed, "I am a complete bust when it comes to collecting art."

The police thought they would soon be able to bust the house breakers crime syndicate.

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(Latin: break, tear, rend; burst)
(Greek: moss; blossom; also to swell, teem; young one; to be full, swell, bloom, cause to burst forth)
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ionospheric D scatter meteor burst
1. An electrical activity caused by infalling meteors that allows the penetration of radio waves from the ionosphere's D layer.
2. A disturbance that affects ionospheric scatter communications resulting from the penetration of meteors through the D region of the ionospheric layer.
This entry is located in the following units: ion, ion- + (page 8) sphero-, spher-, -sphere- (page 9)
solar burst
A sudden, transient enhancement of nonthermal radio emission from the solar corona, usually associated with an active region or flare.
This entry is located in the following unit: sol-, soli-, solo- + (page 2)