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borough, burro, borrow, burrow, burrow
borough (BUR oh) (noun)
A village or a political division of a city or an incorporated town or municipality, that is smaller than a city which may be perceived as part of a larger metropolitan area: In the metropolis of New York, Queens is a borough where many people live.
burro (BUR oh) (noun)
A small donkey often used as a pack animal: The miners used a burro to carry their mining equipment over the mountains.
borrow (BOR oh) (verb)
1. To take for one's use: Carol went to the library to borrow a few books.
2. To use an idea, saying, etc. that was thought up by someone else: The speaker decided to borrow several phrases in his presentation that came from Winston Churchill.
burrow (BUR oh) (noun)
A small hole made in the ground as by a rabbit for habitation and refuge: Beatrice Potter’s story book character of Peter Rabbit and his family lived in a comfortable burrow.
burrow (BUR oh) (verb)
To tunnel by digging either by hand or with machinery: The engineers used a large bore to burrow through the hillside while building the railroad.

When Raul went to the borough, the miner rode a burro to the bank to borrow some money because he wanted to buy a piece of land so he could dig a burrow where he could bury his valuable mining products.

domicole (verb), domicoles; domicoled; domicoling: burrow, nest
Living in a tube, a nest, a burrow, a den, or some other kind of refuge.