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birr, burr
birr (BUR) (noun)
1. Force or momentum; vigor: The birr of the winds swept down from the canyons.
2. A whirring sound: The bag pipes make a birr when the players attempt to tune them.
burr (BUR) (noun)
1. A roughness or rough edge; especially, one left on metal after casting or cutting: The apprentice used the tools to remove the burr on the finished bust.
2. A rough or prickly part of a plant that easily sticks to a passerby: After walking through the rough grass, the traveler noticed that there was a burr sticking here, there, and everywhere on his trouser legs.

When Kim walked across the field, she noticed that she had picked up a burr or two on her pants.

In addition, Kim could hear a distinctive birr from the many insects that were in the tall grass.

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The inside of the ear; the irregular formation visible within the cup.
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