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bring, take
bring (BRING) (verb)
1. To come with something or someone to a place: Rita said that she would bring the money when she comes to Edna's house.
2. To move or carry to a place where some action is to occur: The students were asked to bring the books from the storeroom to the library to be put on shelves.
take (TAYK) (verb)
To get something into one’s possession or command: In a moment of passion, James attempted to take the young lady’s hand in his.

When Calvin comes to your house, he will bring a box of cookies which you and he can take to the party tonight.

Units related to: “bring
(Greek: usually a suffix meaning: lead, leading, leading forth, guide, guiding; bring, take; promoting, stimulating)
(Latin: carry, bring, bear)
(Latin: to curdle; from a verb meaning "to bring together")
(Latin: to make, to produce, to bring forth)
(Latin: window; in anatomy, a small opening in a bone; to bring to light, to show)
(Latin: to bear, to carry; to produce; to bring)
(Latin: link, unite, yoke; bring together, meet, merge, engage in; combine)
(Greek > Latin: to bring forth, to bear; producing viable offspring; giving birth to; brood; secreting)
(Greek: to show, to appear, or to display; making evident; literally, "to come to light" or "to bring to light")