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braise, brays, brays, braze
braise (BRAYZ) (verb)
To cook meat, or other food, by searing it until it is brown, then simmering it in a covered pan: The hostess said she would braise the short ribs before putting them in the oven.
brays (BRAYZ) (noun)
1. The loud harsh cries of a donkey: The farmer could hear the brays of the donkeys which were in the pasture.
2. Sounds that are uttered loudly and harshly: Karl's voice was very disagreeable and reminded Josie of the brays of a donkey.
brays (BRAYZ) (verb)
To make a loud unpleasant cry: The mule brays apparently when it is hungry.
braze (BRAYZ) (verb)
To solder with a hard brass-like metal with a low melting temperature used to hold pieces of metal together: The blacksmith attempted to braze the decorative piece for the saddle which had been broken.

After working very hard trying to braze a sword for his friend, the blacksmith’s throat was so dry his voice sounded like the brays of the burro.

Tyler was very hungry so he went home and decided to braise a steak for his dinner.