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ball, ball, bawl, brawl
ball (BAWL) (noun)
1. Round mass, sphere, globe: The cat played with the ball of twine.
2. Games which may involve using a round object to hit or to kick: Four boys were playing ball in the field.
3. Shot, bullets, projectiles: Each musket was loaded with powder and ball.
ball (BAWL) (noun)
1. Dance, dancing party, prom: The banquet was followed by a ball.
2. A large formal party for dancing: All of the students were invited to the university ball.
bawl (BAWL) (verb)
1. Cry, wail, howl, weep: The little boy was so upset that he began to bawl for his mother.
2. To speak very loudly: The children were misbehaving so badly and the father was so frustrated, that he could only bawl at them to settle down.
brawl (BRAWL) (noun)
1. A noisy quarrel or fight: A brawl broke out among the fans after the football game.
2. A loud party: Neighbors were disturbed by the brawl that was going on after midnight.
3. A loud, roaring noise: Vince was involved in a brawl at the bar.

Sebastian got into a terrible brawl at the end of the ball game and his wife started to bawl when she saw him being attacked by a player from the other team.

Later in the evening, Lenora and Scot went to a ball at the hotel and had a ball, dancing and eating fine food.

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brawl (s) (noun), brawls (pl)
A rough fight which may involve physical combat or just strong verbal exchanges: After a brawl in college during which James hit another student in the eye, he was expelled and charged with aggravated assault.
This entry is located in the following unit: English Words in Action, Group B (page 9)
brawl (verb), brawls; brawled, brawling
To quarrel or fight noisily, angrily, or disruptively: The soccer fans were brawling in the streets after the game.
This entry is located in the following unit: English Words in Action, Group B (page 9)