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braking, breaking, breaking
braking (BRAY king) (verb)
Using a device for slowing or stopping something; such as, a vehicle: The vehicle in front of Jim was braking suddenly because a cat ran across the street in front of it.
breaking (BRAY king) (verb)
Separating something into parts or pieces often in a sudden and forceful or violent way: Samantha was so upset that she was throwing and breaking dishes on the floor out of frustration.
breaking (BRAY king) (noun)
Something unexpected that is news known publicly for the first time: The television station often presents Breaking News; sometimes excessively.

Peter was afraid of braking the car too swiftly and accidentally breaking the windshield; because in his small town, that would be considered BREAKING news!

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atmospheric braking (s) (noun), atmospheric brakings (pl)
1. Slowing down an object entering the atmosphere of the earth or other planet from space by using the drag exerted by air or other gas particles in the atmosphere and the action of the drag so exerted: "Atmospheric brakings involve the slowing of the speed of descent; such as, that which is initiated or enhanced deliberately when landing a space vehicle as it encounters the drag of a planetary atmosphere."
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electric braking
1. In an electrically driven vehicle, a system in which a motor acts as a generator, returning energy to the contact braking element.
2. The process of applying any type of electric brake.
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