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braid, braid, brayed
braid (BRAYD) (verb)
To create a hairstyle or a decorative band by the interweaving of three strands of hair, narrow ribbon, etc.: Tracy's hairdo was very simple and she decided to braid it with a colored ribbon.
braid (BRAYD) (noun)
Decorative ribbons worn on clothing or indicating a military rank or achievement: The officer had braid on his uniform to indicate that he had been enlisted in the military service for several years.
brayed (BRAYD) (verb)
Past tense of the verb bray; the loud, harsh call or noise uttered by a donkey: At day break, as the farmer went out to feed his horses, the donkey brayed for attention in the pasture.

Brent's donkey brayed very loudly when he tried to braid its tail.