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boy, buoy, buoy
boy (BOI) (noun)
A young male child: They brought their boy to the concert, too.
buoy (BOO ee, BOI) (noun)
1. A warning float moored on a dangerous rock or shoal or at the edge of a channel: The buoy in the harbor was painted red and white and had a bell on the top of its head which rang to attract the attention of the sailors.
2. A cork belt or jacket to keep a person from sinking: All ships and boats should carry one buoy or life jacket for each passenger and crew member.
buoy (BOO ee, BOI) (verb)
To hold up; to encourage: The good news will buoy up our hopes for the results of the elections.

Edgar has never heard that there is such a thing as a "female float" or girl buoy, but isn't it possible to say that there is such a thing as a "male float" called a boy buoy?

One thing is certain, a girl can either buoy up the self confidence of a boy or she can mutilate his ego.

When a sea gull swooped and lit on a buoy that bobbed in the bay, he said, "As here I sit, buoy meets gull. Hey, hey."

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(Greek: man, mankind; human beings; including, males (man, men; boy, boys) and females (woman, women; girl, girls); all members of the human race; people, humanity)
(Greek: child, boy; infant)
(Latin: boy, child)