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bold, bowled
bold (BOHLD) (adjective)
1. Having courage, being fearless, daring: The captain of the ship was bold in the face of pirates who tried to board his ship.

This area was settled by bold pioneers.

2. Unduly forward; brazen: The mother cautioned her small child not to be bold when talking with older people.

If I may be so bold, I'd like to offer a few points of criticism.

bowled (BOHLD) (verb)
1. To roll a ball or rounded object on a surface; such as, grass or a hard surface: The team cheered when the last player bowled a perfect score.
2. In the game of cricket, to deliver the ball to the batsman: The batsman bowled the final round to win the cricket competition.
3. To surprise: Maggie's sudden arrival completely bowled her mother over because she was not expecting her daughter until the next day.

Virginia's sister was very bold and so she decided to surprise their mother on her birthday and, as a result, their Mom was completely bowled over with surprise and happiness.