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beau, bow, bow
beau (BOH) (noun)
The boyfriend, sweetheart, or lover of a girl or a woman: Matilda was waiting for her beau to pick her up and take her to the dance.
bow (BOH) (noun)
1. A decorative knot: Colby adjusted the bow of his tie before leaving for the dance.
2. A weapon made from a strip of elastic wood, bent by a string and used to project arrows: Harris was practicing his skills by shooting arrows at the target with his bow.
bow (BOU, BOW) (verb)
To curve or to bend: Silas was trying to bow the flexible piece of steel.

My new beau made a deep and respectful bow before my mother.

Leann smiled and helped Merlin to adjust the bow of his necktie; then she asked if he would be going out with his new bow for some archery practice.

bough, bow, bow
bough (BOU) (noun)
A branch of a tree, often the largest or main branch: The tree surgeon noted the bough of the walnut tree was very old and needed to be removed.
bow (BOU) (noun)
1. A bending forward: The man made a bow to the king.
2. The front part of a vessel: The bow of the ship was crushing through the winter ice.
bow (BOU) (verb)
To bend in greeting or to submit one's self: Lenora had to bow to the queen's wishes.

The mast head on the bow of the ship was carved like a bough in which was seated a sea nymph.

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(Latin: arcus, bow, a curved structure)
(Greek: bow, arrow)