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board, board, bored
board (BORD, BOHRD) (noun)
1. A flat, thin slab of sawed wood: They nailed a board over the broken window.
2. An organized group of people who manage or direct a company or an organization: Carol sits on the bank's board of directors; so, now she's a member of the board at Leo's bank.
3. Daily meals which one can pay for when a person is paying to stay at a hotel, school, etc.: Greg is looking for a place that provides board and lodging as he starts to plan his trip.
board (BORD, BOHRD) (verb)
1. To get into or onto an airplane, a bus, a train, etc.: Everyone must have a ticket in order to board the train.

The pirates tried to board the ship, but they were fought off by an armed guard.

2. To cover or to close something with pieces of wood: The caretaker wanted to board up the windows before the storm arrived.
bored (BORD, BOHRD) (adjective)
Weariness caused by being in the company of someone who is dull, tedious, long-winded, etc.: Melba told her friend that she was bored to death by such long meetings.

Warren appreciates the fact that his friend is a good sounding board and not sounding bored in response.

It would appear that the uninterested directors of a business are nothing more than a bored board.

Parents are people who bear infants, bore teen-agers, and board newlyweds.

—E.C. McKenzie

Tami and Jacob were feeling a bit bored on board the ship when suddenly a gang of pirates attempted to board the vessel.

After they had been very disturbed about this, the Captain said the pirates were a stunt to break up the monotony for those who were bored on board this cruise ship.