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bombastic (adjective), more bombastic, most bombastic
1. A reference to speech, writing, etc.: high-sounding; high-flown; inflated and pretentious: While on the campaign trail, Senator Smith frequently made bombastic speeches.
2. Pertaining to the use of long and difficult words; usually, to make people think that the speaker knows more than he or she is really capable of producing: The young man tried to impress his new friend by using very bombastic language instead of speaking simply.
3. Of the nature of being inflated or turgid: The local bank manager had quite a bombastic impression of himself in terms of his importance to the national bank.
4. Ostentatiously lofty in style: Paul Jones, the president of the university, often gave the most bombastic speeches; especially, when the members of the Board of Directors were present.
High-sounding talking.
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Pompous, inflated language.
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Pompous, highsounding, and big talking.
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High-sounding, pompous, inflated, or pretentious speaking. (3)