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1. The act (or an instance) of subjecting a body or substance to the impact of high-energy particles (as electrons or alpha rays).
2. The heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target.
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electron bombardment induced conductivity, electron-bombardment-induced conductivity
1. In a multimode display-storage tube, a process in which an electron gun is used to erase the image on a cathode-ray tube interface.
2. A method of writing and storing large numbers of information elements electrostatically on the storage tape of a television information storage tube.

A dielectric-coated optical grating on the tape is bombarded with 10-keV electrons to induce momentary conductivity.

This causes electrons to flow fro the dielectric to the metal base of the tape.

Elemental areas on the surface of the tape lose charge in proportion to light from corresponding elemental areas of the image being stored.

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