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bisected, dissected
bisected (BIGH sekt'd) (verb)
1. Having cut or divided something into two parts: The city was bisected by the highway.
2. Having split or forked: The driver noticed that the highway was bisected by a median strip which consisted of many beautiful trees.
dissected (DIGH sekt'd) (verb)
1. Having cut apart or separated (tissue), especially for anatomical studies: As part of the anatomy class, the students dissected a large worm which smelled awful.
2. To have examined, analyzed, or criticized in minute details: They dissected the company plan afterward to learn why it failed.

The panel dissected each point of Oscar's argument.

Jorge and Annie got lost when they discovered that, when the highway had bisected, they took the wrong turn.

There was a great deal of discussion while the driver and the tour guide dissected the problem before deciding what to do.