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1. A microorganism that, through its biochemical reactions, can produce medically or commercially useful materials, e.g., beer from fermentation of yeast or insulin from genetically altered bacteria.
2. A living cell culture genetically engineered to produce materials useful for research in biology, medicine, and industrial processes.
3. A large tank for growing microorganisms used in industrial production.
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A sealed container in which microbial reactions can take place.

Bioreactors in their most simple setup involve the slow decay of vegetable or animal waste and their production of the emission of methane which can be used as fuel.

Laboratory bioreactors control pH, acidity, and oxygen content and are used in advanced biotechnological operations; such as, the production of antibiotics by genetically-engineered bacteria.

The pH factor is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in which the pH of pure water is 7, with lower numbers indicating acidity and higher numbers indicating alkalinity.

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