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1. The science concerned with the phenomena of life and living organisms.
2. The science of physical life; the division of physical science that deals with organized beings or animals and plants, their morphology, physiology, origin, and distribution.
3. The study of living organisms, including their structure, function, evolution, interrelationships, behavior, and distribution.
4. The study of human life and living.
5. The study of the properties and history of living organisms and of their interactions with the non-living world.

Using physics as a model, biologists have attempted to find universal processes and properties of all organisms that can be applied to all forms, despite the apparent diversity of life.

Living organisms are affected by and affect the non-living world strongly. The study of the history of the earth and its atmosphere is inseparable from the study of biology.

That livelihood in science dealing with living organisms, concerned with the study of embryology, anatomy, physiology, ctyology, morphology, taxonomy, genetics, evolution, and ecology.
Quotes: Nature, Biology
The science of the living world: nature quotes.
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(combining "biology", "mechanics", and "electronics")
(the science of the living world; including the good and the bad)
(robotics engineers blend expertise from fields of biology and computer engineering to produce robots that mimic living creatures)
(Greek: within, inside, inner; used as a prefix [used in many words related to anatomy and biology])
(Greek: a suffix used to form the names of families in zoology and biology; descended from, related to)
(Greek: said to be a stem for "all, every, whole", or "complete"; that is, a field of study in biology that refers to the whole set of omics including their -omics and -ome subfields in order to understand life as a holistic existence and organic beings as a whole)
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An Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life

James L. Sumich, Grossmont College; Wm. C. Brown Publishers, College Edition; Dubuque, Iowa; 1988.

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Biology is the study of anything that comes in twos.
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competition in biology
A relationship between members of the same or different species in which individuals are adversely affected by those having the same living requirements; such as, food or space.

Intraspecific competition; for example, competition among members of the same species, is shown by some species of birds and mammals, the males of which set up territories from which all other males of the same species are excluded.

With interspecific competition, members of different species compete for the same ecologically limiting factors; such as, a food source.

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dark biology
Scientific research related to biological weapons.

The phrase "dark biology" was coined by the science writer and novelist Richard Preston in his self-described "trilogy on dark biology": The Hot Zone (1994), The Cobra Event (1997), and The Demon In the Freezer (2002).

The use of information technology to make new biological discoveries and to improve collaboration among scientists.

The i-biology approach represents the consolidation of the many diverse data in life science research into refined information. In contrast to bioinformatics, which represents solely computational biology, i-biology stands for an integrated approach, bringing applied scientists and bioinformaticians together.

marine biology
A branch of biology that deals with the living organisms that inhabit the sea.
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The scientific study of living organisms.

Actually, it was a collection of disciplines that included botany and zoology, biology was (along with medicine) one of the two principal areas of studies in the life sciences.

The study of anything that comes in twos.
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(a glossary of biological terms about living creatures including plants and all kinds of animal species and organisms)
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Biology Terms
Terms about living creatures, both plant-life and all forms of animal-life, are available at this biology location.
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bionics: biology + electronics
1. Application of biological principles to the study and design of engineering systems, especially electronic systems.
2. A blend of biology and electronics.
  • Biology: The science of life and of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution. It includes botany and zoology and all their subdivisions.
  • Electronics: Electronic devices and systems or the application of the conduction of electric charges in various media, including vacuums, gaseous media, and semiconductors.
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