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bid, bid, bide
bid (BID) (verb)
1. To make an offer for the price for something; often in the context of an auction: During the auction of furniture, the housewife bid the highest amountĀ for the set of chairs for her living room.
2. Offering an invitation as a greeting: When the women met on the street, the older one bid her friends to join her for tea in the shop.

After their tea, the women bid each other farewell as they went on their various ways.

bid (BID) (noun)
An offer to do a job for a particular price: The company is accepting the man's bid for the renovation project.
bide (BIHD) (verb)
To wait for the right time before doing something: Tim will bide his time waiting for the right opportunity before asking his parents for a loan.

While Mike wanted to bide his time before making his bid at the auction, he thought he would go to meet a friend who bid him to come for a cup of coffee after the auction.

As promised, Mike met Cindy and then he bid her goodbye and he went back to the auction hall to submit his official bid.