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bi-, buy, by, bye, bye, bye, bye-bye, bye-bye
bi- (BIGH) (adjective)
A prefix meaning "two": Humans are considered to be bipeds; that is, having two feet.

The festival was scheduled to be a biannual affair.

buy (BIGH) (verb)
To acquire the ownership of something, for money or other equivalent; to purchase: Trudy and Chris went to the bank for a loan so they could buy a house.
by (BIGH) (preposition)
Next to; near; beside: Please, put the chair by the table.
bye (BIGH) (interjection)
An informal way of saying "goodbye" or an expression of farewell: Jack said, "Bye! I'll see you tomorrow."

Standing next to the car, the children waved bye to the visitors.

bye (BIGH) (adjective)
A secondary matter, a side issue: Grace made a bye remark that changed Jim's opinions completely regarding buying a new house.
bye (BIGH) (noun)
The position of someone who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round: She got a bye into the second round of the tennis tournament.
bye-bye (BIGH-BIGH) (interjection)
A farewell often used by children or when speaking to children: Mother said, "Let's go, Trudy. Say goodbye to grandma and grandpa." Trudy responded by saying, "bye-bye"!
bye-bye (BIGH-BIGH) (adverb)
In the United States, a very informal meaning, to go away, which is used in imitation of children's speech: When the company went bankrupt, investors watched their money go bye-bye.

Vincent went into town to buy a bicycle. He didn't realize it was the bicentennial celebration in town; so, he stood by the monument to watch. Then he saw Stanley, a friend. They chatted and then they waved bye to each other as Stanley was carrying his little son, who smiled and waved bye-bye to Vincent.

bi-, semi-
bi- (BIGH), prefix = (noun)
1. Two times: Jeff and Lorna came to visit us bimonthly each year.
2. Coming or happening two times: Something which can occur on a biannual basis or that is happening twice a year.
semi- (SEM igh, SEM ee), prefix = (noun)
1. Half of: The teacher was clever and could draw a perfect semicircle free hand.
2. Occurring halfway through a designated period of time: Vincent's semiannual visit to his cousin took place twice a year.

The festival was held on a semiannual basis.

3. Partial or incomplete: Dale wanted to visit the semitropical area on his next vacation.

After the accident, the patient was only semiconscious.

The biannual celebrations in the town coincided with the semiannual spelling bee at the local school.

bio-, bi-, -biotic
Greek: life; living, live, alive.

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Certainly the significance of the many aspects of life and living have produced many versions of bio words and should be considered by anyone wishing to expand his/her vocabulary fluency.

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(Latin: two, twice, double, twofold; a number; it normally functions as a prefix)