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beseech, besiege
beseech (bi SEECH) (verb)
To beg or request in an urgent and anxious manner: Falling to her knees, the princess cried, "Please, kind knight, I beseech you to let me go."

Phillip could hear Cleo beseech the vet not to put her poor dog to "sleep".

besiege (bi SEEJ) (verb)
1. To worry, harass, distress, or to present a request: The city counselors sought to besiege the mayor to repair the roads before winter.

Reporters would besiege the winner of the contest for interviews until he could stand it no longer and so he finally gave in.

2. In warfare, to surround with hostile armed forces: The king’s army sought to besiege the castle before nightfall.

Vincent wrote a letter to beseech the new mayor not to besiege the taxpayers with new taxes on his first day in office.

besiege (verb), besieges; besieged; besieging
1. To surround a building, a city, etc. with soldiers and to try to take control of it: The military besieged the castle for several days before taking possession of it.
2. To gather around someone is a way that is disturbing, annoying, or aggressive, etc.: The political candidate was besieged by reporters of newspapers and TV when he announced that he would not be running for office.
3. To overwhelm a person with too many questions or requests for something: The sales department was besieged with hundreds of customers who wanted to know why the store ran out of computers so quickly on the first day of the special reduction in prices.
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