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Benedict (male), Benedicta (female) (s) (noun); Benedicts (male), Benedictas (female) (pl)
1. Benedict, a masculine name meaning, 'blessed': Mr. and Mrs. Brown named their newly born boy, Benedict, after an Italian monk who lived in 540 A.D. and established the Benedictine order in Italy.

2. Benedicta, the feminine version of a name implying to be blessed: Benedicta certainly was true to her name, being so very grateful and appreciative of the help she had been given by her parents.

When Ms. Smith checked the list of students in her class at the beginning of the new semester, she noticed that both a boy named Benedict and a girl called Benedicta were enrolled.

3. Etymology: both names come from Latin; literally, "to speak well of, to praise", from bene, "well" + dicere, "to say, to tell".
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