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amused, bemused
amused (uh MYOOZ'd) (verb)
Entertained, occupied; interested: Erin and Yvonne amused themselves by playing games until their parents got back home.
bemused (bi MYOOZ'd) (adjective)
1. Mildly amused; engrossed, thoughtful: Carrie gave the child a bemused look.
2. Confused, muddled, bewildered: The wine left Chad somewhat bemused.

The people were greatly amused by the antics of the animals in the field, then they became quite bemused when for no apparent reason the creatures suddenly ran and hid in their holes.

bemuse (verb), bemuses; bemused; bemusing
1. To make utterly confused or muddled, as with intoxicating liquor.
2. To cause to be emotionally confused or to put into a stupid stare, to stupefy: Since Mildred usually appeared to have an opinion about everything, her silence on this particular subject bemused her husband.
3. To cause someone to be preoccupied or lost in thought: The news about Jim's ex-wife getting married again bemused her former husband.

Since he thought of himself to be an ordinary student, James was bemused by all of the attention that he was getting from the members of the psychology class.

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