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bellow, bellows, billow, billow
bellow (BEL oh) (verb)
1. To make a loud, bawling noise: The cow started to bellow when the farmer was late to milk her.
2. To shout in a deep voice: Kirby was heard to bellow orders to one of his employees.
bellows (BEL ohz) (noun)
A device that produces a strong current of air when its sides are pressed together: Emery used a bellows to help him start the fire.
billow (BIL oh) (noun)
A surge or swell of water, a rolling mass of something; such as, smoke which resembles the movement of water: The billow of smoke on the horizon worried the fire watch.
billow (BIL oh) (verb)
1. To swell out or to balloon through the action of the wind: The sails on the ship will billow when the wind comes up.
2. To move as a large cloud or mass: Clouds of smoke were seen to billow up from the chimney.

The billow of smoke caused by the blacksmith's bellows caused the cattle in the barn to bellow loudly because the fumes hurt their eyes and throats.

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(Latin: bag; bellows; windbag; moneybag)
(Greek: breath, wind; pertaining to air or gas; bellows, bladder, bubble; swollen; as seen in many modern scientific terms)