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believe, feel
believe (bi LEEV) (verb)
1. To accept as true or real: Many people seem to believe that theory, but Jerry finds it difficult to accept.
2. To understand and accept on faith; to have an opinion or conviction as to the truth of something: Looking out the window, Colby saw enough to believe that it would rain that day.
3. To have trust in the ability, worth, etc., of someone or something: The football team hasn't won a championship in many years, but their fans still believe that they will win one day.
4. To regard the existence of God as a reality and to have religious beliefs: Elisabeth goes to church every week to worship God and because she really does believe that Christ is her Savior.
feel (FEEL) (verb)
1. To perceive as a physical sensation: Adeline wants to feel the fabric to determine if it is wool or cotton.
2. To learn about and to experience something through touch or physical exploration: To read Braille, Maxwell feels the raised dots on the page.
3. To be aware of, to be conscious of a state of mind or impression, to experience sympathy or compassion with respect to a situation or individual: Shana expects to feel great sympathy with those who have recently lost their jobs.
4. To believe or to think something: Ester couldn't help but feel the need to say something about the behavior of the neighbor's dog when no one is home.

Frieda really wants to believe that her team will win this season because she is convinced that they can do it. She also can't help but feel that it is important for people to have something of value to have confidence in.

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(Latin: believe, belief; faith; confidence; trust)
(Greek: believe, belief; that which is thought to be true by someone who has the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and to enforce his or her opinions, doctrines, praise, or beliefs)
(Greek: knowledge, know; understand; believe)
(Latin: believe, belief; trust, faith, true)
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believe (verb), believes; believed; believing
1. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that a person is right in doing so: Tomeka believes that the party on Saturday night will be lots of fun.
2. To have confidence or faith in the truth of something; to give credence to: Chuck believed that the story in the newspaper was true and honest.
3. To have confidence in the assertions or statements of a person: Ashton believes that her friend will still trust her when she tells him what really caused the accident when she borrowed his car.
4. To have a conviction that a person or thing is, has been, or will be engaged in a given action or involved in a given situation: Thomas believes that his horse will be the winner in the upcoming steeplechase race.
5. To be persuaded of the truth or existence of something: There is much to be said for the old adage, "seeing is believing".
6. To have faith in the reliability, honesty, benevolence, etc., of someone or something: Joleen's friend truly believes that he was right in deciding to go on holidays in December. 
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