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beat, beat, beet
beat (BEET) (verb)
1. To hit or to strike repeatedly; to flog: The cruel captain on the ship would beat the sailors who disobeyed him.
2. To speak about or to discuss something in a round about way: Emery tried to beat around the bush instead of providing a direct answer.

The politician beat around the bush when trying to explain the proposed policy.

beat (BEET) (noun)
The tempo, rhythm or rhythmic unit for music: The violinist used a metronome to set the beat for the scales she had to practice.
beet (BEET) (noun)
A vegetable; the fleshly, succulent root of a biennial herb of the crowfoot family used as a vegetable (beta vulgaris): The chef created a beet salad for the menu.

The bulbous root of the beet is characteristically dark red.

When Deanna saw the chopped up purple vegetable on her plate, it looked like a beat beet.

Barney's and Bianca's cook on the ship was very responsive to music as illustrated when she used to chop the beet root for lunch to the rhythm and beat of Island music.

Haley did not beat around the bush when telling Jarvis how the beat of the music inspired her.