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batter (s) (noun), batters (pl)
1. A mixture of different things; such as, flour, eggs, oil, sugar which are cooked and eaten or that which is used to cover food before it is fried: Edna prepared a tasty pancake batter for breakfast.

Tim was dipping the chicken pieces into the batter, covering them with flour, and then frying them.

2. Baseball players who try to hit the balls that are pitched at them: The pitcher walked the first batter, but the second batter hit the ball for a home run.
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batter (verb), batters; battered; battering
1. Subjecting someone or something to a strong attack: The storm was battering the coast with strong winds and rain.

For centuries, those mountains have been battered by wind, rain, snow, and ice.

2. A situation in which someone is repeatedly hit: The boxer forced his opponent into the corner and battered him with a series of hard punches.
3. To severely criticize, to defeat, or to setback: Justin was battered by many citizens of the city for suggesting that taxes would be increased if he were elected as mayor.
4. To cover food in a liquid mixture of milk, flour, and eggs; and then to fry it: Dan was battering the pieces of fish and frying them for dinner.
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