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batter (verb), batters; battered; battering
1. Subjecting someone or something to a strong attack: The storm was battering the coast with strong winds and rain.

For centuries, those mountains have been battered by wind, rain, snow, and ice.

2. A situation in which someone is repeatedly hit: The boxer forced his opponent into the corner and battered him with a series of hard punches.
3. To severely criticize, to defeat, or to setback: Justin was battered by many citizens of the city for suggesting that taxes would be increased if he were elected as mayor.
4. To cover food in a liquid mixture of milk, flour, and eggs; and then to fry it: Dan was battering the pieces of fish and frying them for dinner.
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battered (adjective), more battered, most battered
1. Beaten; bruised, broken, impaired by beating or wearing: The battered people in the boat were thrown around during the storm on the lake yesterday.
2. Damaged; especially, by hard usage: Jerry wore his old battered hat when he went for a walk.
3. Beaten repeatedly with heavy blows: Last night when Justin had got off the bus, he was battered by street thugs.
4. Damaged by blows or hard usage; such as, a battered car: Teresa recently sold her battered car and bought a used car which was in better condition.
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