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bat (verb), bats; batted; batting
1. To hit with or as if with a club or thick stick: When Gary batted the ball that day, he set a record.
2. Informal, to produce hurriedly: Marie bats out a speech in a short time.
3. To discuss or consider at some length: Juan, Terry, Janet, and Doris were batting the idea around.
4. To wink or to flutter: Shirley, the little girl in the store, bats her eyelashes in a cute way.
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bat, bat, batt
bat (BAT) (noun)
1. A stout wooden stick used in sports such as cricket and baseball: The baseball player picked up a bat and scored another home run.
2. Any of an order of Chiroptera or flying mammals with modified front legs which form wings: The bat is a mammal that has wings and a furry body like a mouse.

When a bat flies around in the garden, it is a good thing because it will eat many insects.

bat (BAT) (verb)
To hit or to strike with a stout wooden stick as in baseball games: Vern was seen to bat the ball over the fence for another home run.
batt (BAT) (noun)
Pieces of fabric used as lining when making quilts: Sheena used a thick cotton batt when making the beautiful quilts which she sold to several customers.

Jodie's grandmother made a quilt with a baseball theme which included a soft batt to give the bat a 3-D effect.

Elma used batt on her quilt for the bed in order to make it soft and comfortable.

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(Greek: bat, bats; flying mammals with wings: cheir, "hand" + pteron, "wing")
(Latin: bat, bats (animals))
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bat, tab
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Latin: beat, strike, hit; attack; in this unit.
bat ear
An erect ear, rather broad at the base, rounded in outline at the top and with the orifice directed to the front; for example, the French Bulldog.
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