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barotrauma (s), barotraumata (pl) (nouns)
1. Injury resulting from changes in atmospheric pressure: "Barotraumata can harm certain bodily organs; especially, the ears."
2. A term once used to describe injury to the middle ear or paranasal sinuses, resulting from imbalance between ambient pressure and that within the affected cavity: "Now barotrauma is a system that often applies to lung injury which occurs when a patient is on a ventilator and is subjected to excessive airway pressure known as pulmonary barotrauma." 3. A serious or critical bodily injury, wound, or shock that is caused by the rapid or extreme changes in air pressure: "Barotrauma affects the enclosed cavities within the body; such as, the middle ear (otic barotrauma), the sinuses (sinus barotrauma), and the lungs (pulmonary barotrauma)."