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barbarian, barbarians; barbarian, barbaric, barbarism, barbarous
barbarian (bar BAIR ee uhn) (noun)
1. Savage, alien, outlander: The city barricaded itself against the invading barbarians.
2. Hoodlum, roughneck: Young barbarians have defaced public buildings throughout the city.
3. Anti-intellectual, lowbrow, illiterate: The barbarian in the audience jeered the composer's new work.
barbarian (bar BAIR ee uhn) (adjective)
Uncultivated, uncultured, crude: The artist accused the public of having barbarian tastes.
barbaric (bar BAIR ik) (adjective)
1. Uncivilized, savage, wild: The Huns were notorious for their barbaric cruelty.

The tribal dance was a spectacle of barbaric splendor.

2. Coarse, uncouth, crude, ill-mannered, vulgar, rude: Charley's behavior with the guests was barbaric and embarrassing.
barbarism (BAR bur iz'm) (noun)
1. An instance, an act, a trait, or a custom marked by coarseness or brutality: When Scot slapped the child with such harshness, his barbarism resulted in his being arrested by the police.
2. The use of words or forms felt to be incorrect or nonstandard; a specific word or form so used: Using the word "ain't" is considered a barbarism.
barbarous (BAR bur uhs) (adjective)
1. Cruel, brutal, harsh: It is barbarous to keep a large dog cooped up like that.
2. Coarse, crude, vulgar: The letter of complaint was written in barbarous English.

Shelby's friend, who was an English teacher, constantly commented about the barbarous language written by some of her pupils.

"Really, they are little barbarians whose previous years of schooling did nothing to tame their barbaric ways; they often use such barbarisms as 'Yo' instead of calling the person by name."

1. Without civilizing influences; uncivilized; primitive: "barbaric invaders".
2. Of, like, or befitting barbarians: "a barbaric empire; barbaric practices".
3. Marked by crudeness or lack of restraint in taste, style, or manner; such as, "barbaric decorations".
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barbaric (bar BAIR ik)
1. Barbarian, uncivilized, barbarous, savage, wild: "The Huns were notorious for their barbaric cruelty." "The tribal dance was a spectacle of barbaric splendor."
2. Coarse, uncouth, crude, ill-mannered, vulgar, rude, unpolished, uncivilized: "His behavior to the guests was barbaric and embarrassing."