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automobile (s) (noun), automobiles (pl)
1. That which moves by means of mechanism and power within itself; especially, of a vehicle; self-propelling as distinguished from horse-drawn.
2. A self-moving vehicle; a motor vehicle.
3. A road vehicle, usually with four wheels and powered by an internal-combustion engine, designed to carry a small number of passengers.
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automobile (s), automobiles (pl)
Any self-guided, motorized passenger vehicle, or vehicles, used for land transport; usually, with four wheels and an internal combustion engine; a category typically including passenger cars, sport-utility vehicles, minivans, and light trucks.
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(scientific terms about the use of vehicles including cars, trucks, or any automobiles including their technology as related to transportation)
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Automobile or Car Terms

Lists of automobile words that are based on technical applications related to cars.

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