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assail (verb), assails; assailed; assailing
1. To storm upon vigorously or violently: The troops are assailing the terrorists again.

It is difficult to believe that Mike could be assailed by so many bad things; he lost his job, his wife became very ill, and the roof of his house was damaged by a storm that caused severe leaks when it started to rain.

2. To attack with arguments, criticism, ridicule and to abuse: As a politician, Thomas was always ready to assail his opponents with slander.
3. To undertake a task with the purpose of mastering it: Joanne assailed her university studies with new determination.
4. To impinge upon; to make an impact on; to beset: The minds of members of the audience were assailed by all of the conflicting arguments presented by the speakers.
To violently attack with repeated words, criticisms, or blows.
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To attack vigorously or violently with arguments, criticism, ridicule, etc. (1)