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assailant (s) (noun), assailants (pl)
1. Someone who violently sets upon another person, usually causing physical injury: The assailant, Doug, was identified for the police by the man he had beaten.
2. People who strike, raid, or invade with violence to others: Mike and Jill were assailants who were arrested for committing burglary when they were caught leaving the house with the property of the people who lived there.
Someone who attacks another person.
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assailant, assassin
assailant (uh SAY luhnt) (noun)
Someone who attacks another person; an attacker, an aggressor: Casey Stuart, the assailant, was later identified by Daryl as the one who had attacked and beaten him.
assassin (uh SAHS sin) (noun)
Someone who murders by surprise attack; especially, anyone who carries out a plot to kill a prominent person: John Wilkes Booth was Abraham Lincoln's assassin.

Assassin came from Arabic hashshashin, "hashish-users", a name of an Islamic order founded about 1090, whose members were said to take hashish before being sent forth to assassinate leading Crusaders.

The police were able to catch Sidney's assailant. Enrique Wade was already wanted by the police because he was a suspected assassin of another person who was in the same park where Sidney was attacked.

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Those who violently attack others; usually, causing serious physical injuries. (1)