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aspire (verb), aspires; aspired, aspiring
1. To hope or to work towards a profession or an occupation: Jason is aspiring to become a journalist so he is taking related university courses and working for a local newspaper as an apprentice.
2. Etymology: from late Middle English and French aspirer; or Latin aspirare, from ad, "to" + spirare, "to breathe".
To greatly desire to achieve something.
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aspire, expire, inspire
aspire (uh SPIHR) (verb)
1. To strive toward an end: The university students aspire to greater knowledge in their chosen career fields.
2. To want to have or to achieve something; such as, a particular career or level of success: These young men and women aspire to careers in medicine.
expire (ik SPIGHR) (verb)
1. To come to an end; to terminate: Rene's membership in the club will expire next month.
2. To breathe one's last breath; to die: It is medically obvious that Austin will expire sometime during the day as a result of his long-term illness.
3. To exhale; to breathe out: Doctor Armando wanted to measure the volume of air which Mamie could expire.
inspire (in SPIGHR) (verb)
1. To stimulate others to do something; for example, any creative or artistic work: Mrs. Verna Lawson's teaching techniques are done with the idea that they will inspire her students to become scientists.
2. To inhale air or a gas into the lungs: While they were climbing in the high mountains, Isabel and Morris had to inspire oxygen before they could climb any higher.

Monique wants to aspire to become a teacher because she wants to inspire students to appreciate poetry.

One of Cody's fellow students remarked that it was a shame that many famous poets expire when they are young, and are often poor and ill, too.

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To have a desire or great ambition and hope of achieving a certain profession or occupation. (1)