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argentum (s) (noun) (no plural)
A metallic element that has the following scientific features:
  • symbol ag
  • atomic number 47
  • an atomic weight of 107.87
  • a melting point of 961 degrees Centigrade
  • a boiling point of 2210 degrees Centigrade

Argentum is a ductile, white lustrous metal with the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals and it is used in the production of various compounds for photography and catalysis (an increase in the rate of a chemical reaction), electrical components, dental alloys; as well as, scientific and medical equipment.

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argentum, ag.

argentosus (masculine), argentosa (feminine), argentosum (neuter): "full of silver, rich in silver".

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(Modern Latin: from Anglo-Saxon, sealfor, siolfur; the symbol is from Latin argentum, "silver"; metal)
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Probitas laudatur et alget. Criminibus debent hortos praetoria mensas, argentum vetus et stantem extra pocula caprum. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "Honesty is praised and left out in the cold. Gardens, palaces, rich tables, old silver, and those embossed goats on the cups; men owe these to their crimes."

From Decimus Iunius (Junius) Iuvenalis (Juvenalis) (c. A.D. 60-117); Saturae, I, 74; who attacked the vices of the plutocrats, the wickedness and immorality of women and foreigners (particularly Greeks), and grieves about the decline of the ancient aristocratic virtues.