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archipelago (s) (noun), archipelagos; archipelagoes (pl)
1. Any sea, or sheet of water, in which there are numerous islands: In her science book, Jill read about the many scattered islands in an ocean termed as archipelagoes.
2. A large group of islands: An example of a cluster of the many land masses smaller than a continent and surrounded by water is the Philippine archipelago.
3. A sea containing a large number of scattered islands; island group; island chain: One intriguing archipelago at the southern point of the Red Sea can be read about in Martin's textbook.

The Aegean Islands, the Bahamas, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Maldives are all typically archipelago, or collections of islands.

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Arctic Archipelago
A large group of islands in northeastern Canada between the Canadian mainland and Greenland.
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1. A sea with a cluster of islands.
2. A group of islands, or an area of sea containing a group of islands.

The islands of an archipelago are usually volcanic in origin, and they sometimes represent the tops of peaks in areas around continental margins flooded by the sea.

3. Etymology: from Italian arcipelago, "the Aegean Sea" (13th century), from Greek arkhipelagos, from arkhi-, "chief" + pelagos, "sea".

The Aegean Sea being full of island chains, the meaning was extended in Italian to "any sea studded with islands".

The Aegean archipelago lies between Greece and Turkey.

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